February 4th, 2015

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What is Putin's plan?

At the present, the worst thing that can threaten people in the West is the excess of bad news. But sooner or later, something much worse may happen. In the twentieth century Russia was involved in fomenting the seven major conflicts, including two world wars, has introduced three dictators, on the hands of which blood and lives of tens of millions. Over the past century the Soviet Union was a state of slavery and feudalism, which was called socialism. Inhuman machine was grinding personality, forcing to recognize blatant lie. But these horrors did not start with a victory of a heap of bandits in 1917. Just not long before in Russia serfdom, that made most of the people in the country powerless slaves the same as the Roman slaves for ages was abolished. Even earlier, in the beginning of the reign of the Romanovs in Russia, the Christian Church became completely subordinate to the state acting as of another Government Ministry. From that moment on the Church in Russia failed to act with moral claims to the government, sanctifying with it's authority all the governments decisions and actions.

Unfortunately it's not all that forms the face of our problems. In the Russian language there is no word for aristocracy. The word that is used in the Russian language literally means "serf". In Russia there have never exist independent aristocracy, which would enjoy an integral rights and privileges for which the king would be only a "first among equals". The feudal lords were as disenfranchised slaves of the king just as peasants were their . Those who were called aristocrats in Russia not once could defend their rights before the monarch. Not even once!

When you think of Putin's plan, do not forget about the people of Putin.

At a time when England was created the Bill of Rights, when in Ukraine was written the first constitution, in Moscow nothing prevented the king to act at its own discretion ignoring anyone's desires, life and pain. Russia missed the important lessons that Europe learned well: Christianity, chivalry, human rights, equality before the law, protection of private property, the dignity of human person. Here is a simple example. English writer, Nobel Prize Laureate in Literature JRR Tolkien wrote an excellent saga of the struggle between good and evil, "The Lord of the Rings." On the grounds of the work were created many others in the genre of fantasy role models. Russian writer Nick Perumov living in America wrote his own version of the history of continuing adventures of gnomes, elves and hobbits and here are two key ideas of his books that became cult in Russia among the fans of the genre.

"In the" LotR is a very strong division between good and evil, I have tried to reduce the difference"

"Break one commandment - you will be a sinner. Break all the commandments - you will become a god "

One should be very familiar with the contents of the commandments, to imagine what sort of god will turn out of their violator. Then one should think about those who are willing to worship such a god.

Imagine what sort of plane has the one who proclaimed human rights organizations "foreign agents", equating them to the enemy spies. I want to convince doubters that this is not a nightmare, but the real situation, human rights organizations in Russia are being persecuted by the government and the people they were trying to protect. I myself would like to believe that the main part of the plan of Putin is Putin himself, and his ideas of what is good and what is bad. But Putin is not the most important element. Whatever value would have he and his inner circle, without the those people who are agree that to have rights and protect them - evil, he would not go that far.

"Looking at the Russian, you clearly understand that this nation has not yet evolved to the end. Russian - still not quite people. They lack of the Main Property rights - moral intuition, ability to distinguish good from evil. "- Jules Michelet, French historian (1798 - 1874 gg.)

In a collision of different cultures with significant difference between the levels of their development a more primitive culture perishes if it can not destroy more advanced culture. On the one hand guns and rifles better than arrows and spears, but on the other hand primitive instincts, lack of moral hesitation and reflection can help more primitive culture to prevail.

On the other hand, those who passed the barbaric state, climbing the stairs of civilization, the idea may come to talk heart to heart instead of guns and cannons talk, that would immediately decide the outcome. Of course! Civilization live too comfortable and arranged to even suggest that for someone life and death do not seem so different. And this is a very good plan for Putin! You can grab someone else's territory, killing thousands of people and get only rebuke! Rivers of blood, death, torture, destruction of property, orphans, lies, lies, lies, and who does not even touch the money of Putin, which lie in the western banks!

People tend to judge others by themselves. And this is a great plan for Putin. when you see a man in a good suit and clean shoes, the president of a large country and hear that by his orders powerful rockets were fired at the marketplace of Grozny right on Sunday, when it was full of people, you think that he has found some good reasons for this, that this market was visited only by the most notorious villains, even if they were the elderly, women and children. So you think what abominable and disgusting were these children, and especially those older women, if a person in such a good suit, in such clean and shiny shoes and a well-chosen tie had to kill them all without pity firing a missile designed to destroy immediately a battalion of thugs ! But the problem is that clean shoes, a good suit, tie selection rules - all of this is are products of the Western civilization. Moscow civilization has always producing terror, slavery, poverty and blood. A person does not become civilized only because his feet do not stink. A persone only becomes civilized, when his heart and thoughts are no longer stink

What is hidden in the depths of Putin's plan? What could be worse than the heavy-class rocket firing on markets where there is full of people? Lavrov's recent statement discovers another facet of this terrible plan. And so, Lavrov said that if Kiev took Putin's proposal, the tragedy in Mariupol might not be. I can not imagine a more cynical and disgusting statements. "Prostrate and let us pass on to you" - that meant Foreign Minister Putin. "Maybe we would not have to kill your children reactive artillery, if you fell down in front of us. But perhaps you would not save. What is this if not an attempt to make us all mankurts of Putin? Slaves, more than anything else valuing their slavery - that's who the mankurt. This is his plan: to make all moral monsters with lies and fear. And before the Russian tanks will come to your doorstep on the bodies of your children, fear and lies turn you into mindless robots who will be happy and Russian tanks, and the corpses of their children. That is what Putin's plan.